Sarandon, Sarandon’s Age of Reason

Released 3/7/2011, Slumberland Records

Sarandon: a great, weird band releasing a weird album.  A concept album in which Big Trev, a cockney man not sure of his place in life, vents his frustrations, complains & generally grumbles humorously in between nearly every track, which act as an intro to each song (see batched tracks on list).  So really there are only 8 songs on here, more or less.  This is angular & punky, yet not fuzzy & distorted, like early Wire, Devo & The Fall, & even The Minutemen & Captain Beefheart at times.  Weird, spazzy, fun stuff, despite Big Trev’s grumbling.  This is their 2nd or 3rd album (their 1st was really a comp of old 7”s & eps).  Good stuff, this.  Quite unlike the regular fuzz n’ pop crowd on Slumberland, which is a refreshing change indeed.  KPC


1.        Theme from The Age of Reason (1:05) √+ Md(+) starts w/spoken word/angular instrumental intro


2.        Big Trev speaks (0:56) √+ spoken word

3.        Big Trev (2:51) √+ Md+ angular/repetitive ending


4.        The Grumbling begins (1:03) √+ spoken word

5.        Mustn’t grumble (5:21) √+(+) Md(+) punk/singing is cool


6.        Feeling happier (0:59) √+ spoken word

7.        Perky (part 1) (1:23) √+(+) Md(+) spastic rhythms/Devo-esque

8.        Perky (part 2) (1:59) √+((+)) Md(+) punky instrumental (mostly)


9.        Down the discotheque (1:01) √+ spoken word

10.     Do the dance (2:46) √+((+)) Md(+) bass n’ toms


11.     The Big Question (1:05) √+((+)) spoken word

12.     Dinosaur (3:14) √+((+)) Md(+) cool bass


13.     Meeting a girl (0:59) √+(+) spoken word/funny

14.     Piglet (2:48) √+((+)) Md(+) awesome fast drumming/baby giggles


15.     Hatching the plot (0:42) √+(+) spoken word/funny

16.     Mackenzie (1:48) √+(+) Md+ crazy spazzy goodness


17.     The Pay off (1:01) √+ spoken word

18.     The Age of Reason (1:19) √+(+) Md+ more awesome spazz


19.     Return to The Theme from The Age of Reason (0:33) √ Md short pointless piano instrumental

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